Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Had a rather quiet holiday weekend as I hunkered down on some prep work for my next big project...so, I spent most of it indoors, with the TV on for background noise. Happened upon "Serenity" on TV, and once it was over, I realized it had been actually about six years since I'd watched all of "Firefly". Marathon time!

I always had kind of mixed feelings about the series (totally prepared to lose half my following just for saying that), but I'm enjoying it more this second go-around. Still have an issue with Joss Whedon's female characters and kind of wish they'd had the budget and a better production design team to maybe blend the space and Western aesthetics a little better. But if it were still on, I'd probably still be watching, and if they ever make another movie, I'll probably go see it. And when I wrapped up for the day and had some time to do a fun sketch, I drew this scribble of Inara.

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