Saturday, July 14, 2012


Comic-Con! My Twitter feed and Facebook page have been lit up with news, events, and photos from San Diego already this week. This is actually the first year since I moved to California that I haven't gone to SDCC.

There's a lot to love about a gathering of like-minded geeks and talented artists in one space. I always somehow talked myself into going year after year because I knew I would see friends there that I almost never see otherwise. Comic-Con, for me, was a big reunion, and for that, it was worth the crowds, the smells, the angry pen-wielding Harry Potter fans, and spending a year's vacation budget on a hotel room only to sleep on the floor.

This year, it just got too big, and all of those people I went every year to see decided not to go. So this was the year that I stayed home too. Especially after the extreme drama of last year's event, I'm relieved to be at home and in my normal routine.

But, in the spirit of Comic-Con, here are some of my sketchbook entries from last year's tumultuous SDCC weekend. :-)

Jill Thompson, painting at the Trickster Symposium.

One of our Comic-Con rituals is going to Dick's Last Resort
and having Blue Monday margaritas. 

"Did you just say 'beige'?"

We were going around the table trying to list as many superhero villains
as we could remember. Also, there was a guy dressed as a Viking at the
next table over.

There was also some drama. Damn drama.

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