Friday, November 2, 2012

Autumn News

My favorite season is here! Sort of! OK, so it's LA, and fall means it'll be in the low 70s today. But I'll be wearing scarves and boots and drinking pumpkin spice lattes all the same.

Apologies for neglecting the blog in recent weeks. I've had some very, very good news which I can't announce yet, but I can say it's keeping me very busy doing the thing I love most of all.

Please check back here, on Twitter, and on Facebook in the next few days as I will be posting some new artwork for sale on Etsy to raise funds to donate to Hurricane Sandy relief. I have so many good friends on the East Coast (most of them in New York and New Jersey) who are all thankfully OK and many even still have power, but so many people were not nearly so lucky. You guys get fabulous artwork, they get much needed aid. 

Also! As Halloween is over, and it is now officially "Christmas" according to the advertising industry...that means it's gift time, and I am open for taking commissions in the next two months! So if you want to request a custom-made piece of artwork for someone special (or for yourself), now is the time to let me know. Black and white one character sketches are $30, color (markers) is $40-50, add $15 for each additional character. Full illustrations are priced based on complexity so email me with what you want and I can give you an accurate quote. 


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