Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let's Dance

Some exciting milestones for me and my comics, as summer comes to its official end (now, if someone would just please tell Southern California that summer is over, because the triple digit temps are seriously overstaying their welcome). First off, I just completed pencils and inks on my first full-length graphic novel, and second project with Jamie S. Rich!

Damn, that's a lot of pages...
Of course, the kicker is I still have to COLOR all 120 pages. But hey, I'm allowed to celebrate a little! Drawing 120 pages is no joke, and it's my biggest undertaking as an artist to date. After spending almost a year with this story and the characters, I'm a little sad to leave them behind, but fortunately, I have my next project already lined up...

Jamie and I are collaborating again, on a project with a slightly different tone for both of us...horror! Good thing I stocked up on ink! These will be the characters you'll see in my sneak peek photos and hear about in my tweets in the coming months. (Are you following me on Twitter yet? No? Why not? @SadMeganGirls!) 

Back to the drawing table! 

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