Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wizard World STL recap!

Wizard World STL was a smashing success! I went into it not knowing really what to expect...I had only worked tables at two conventions prior, and both times I shared the space with other artists, so this was my first solo show. (I had a six-year streak of perfect attendance at SDCC, but, never as anything other than a spectator/consumer.)

First commission of the weekend...Obi-Wan Kenobi,
from "The Clone Wars" animated series.

I was too busy to leave my table for any length of time, but honestly, that's a pretty good problem to have! I was happily surprised by the number of commissions I got, and the variety of characters. Drawing Hellboy, for example, was a total blast, and something I don't get to do very often.

Mess with Master Yoda, do not.

This Shazam! piece was commissioned by a young fan.

Hell yeah Hellboy!!

I've been on a Wonder Woman kick in my sketchbooks,
so this was extra fun to draw!

Probably my best Phoenix to date.

The response to my work in general, and to the upcoming Madame Frankenstein, was so incredibly positive and encouraging. I have to give a special shout-out to Greg, who came by every day of the con and commissioned a new drawing each day! These three were all requested by him, and they were among my favorites of the weekend: 


Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel.

Harley Quinn. Of course! 

Aside from drawing and promoting Madame Frankenstein, I also got to speak to some young artists, including a girl whose parents explained that she had drawn her own comic book a few weeks earlier, only to say, "Oh, but I'm a girl. Girls can't draw comics." Their response to this statement was to buy her (and her little sister) tickets to a comic con, and to take them to see that women do indeed draw comics, and quite well. I drew her a Batgirl sketchcard and a Storm one for her sister, and told her to never stop drawing if that was what she wanted to do. I hope she does, and I hope she learns along the way that no one who matters will ever tell her she can't draw comics because she's a girl. Oh, and that her mom and dad are the best parents ever.

I also participated in the Wonder Women of the 21st Century panel, joining Julianna Pardue, Danny Fingeroth, Eric Kieron Davis, and Genese Davis on the podium to discuss creating female protagonists, and how strong female characters are portrayed and perceived in comics as well as pop culture. This could've been a very droll topic but the energy of the group and our audience turned it into a lively and enlightened discussion!

Selfie with fellow panelists. I was a little disappointed
Benedict Cumberbatch didn't photobomb this picture.
And last but nowhere near least, I met some amazing, friendly, creative people...cosplayers, fans, fellow artists, writers, and Brian from Wentzville who builds remote control R2 units. Which I would totally buy just to scare my cat, if I had the disposable income. 

Suggestions for which conventions I should hit next? I applied today for an artist alley table at NYCC. Long Beach and Comikaze are obvious local choices. You tell me, Internet! Where should I visit next? 

Also! If we met at STL Comic Con, and you didn't commission a piece but wish you had...I DO accept commissions via email, and I can ship anywhere. So hit me up at!

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  1. Wow.... creating storyboards must be really interesting. Something that is overlooked by people who only see the final product.